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Finding the Best Vape Pen for You

Finding the Best Vape Pen for You

Samantha Catrambone |

In the last decade, vape pens have evolved into one of the most popular smoking devices on the market. They are discreet, portable, easy to use, and provide users with a virtually odorless way to consume cannabis. With so many types of vape pens to choose from, it is easy to get overwhelmed trying to find the best vape pen to buy for you. That is where we come in. Let us answer all your burning questions so you can find the best vape pen for you and focus your energy on burning down instead!

Duplex vape battery and slim twist vape battery

What is a Vape Pen?

A vape pen is a pen-shaped device that provides power to your cartridge, tank, or atomizer to vaporize a substance. Over the years, it has become an umbrella term used to describe different types of pens such as dry herb vape pens, wax vape pens, and oil vape pens.

How does a Vape Pen Work?

A white guy with glasses is exhaling vapor from his Ooze Twist Slim Pen 2.0. The camera is aimed over his shoulder from behind and the background is a bright, shiny teal curtain.

One of the first questions people ask when first introduced is how does a vape pen work? The answer to this popular question varies depending on each vape pen’s intended use. The typical vape pen contains a rechargeable battery that connects to a cartridge or coil to power and heats the liquid inside which then produces an inhalable vapor. Below we will dive into what specific features to look for in a pen depending on your specific cannabis preference to ensure the best vape experience.

What is the Best Vape Pen for Cartridges?

A young white woman takes a puff from a teal Ooze Twist Slim Pen 2.0 as she is wearing a pink shirt and sunglasses.

When looking for the best vape pen for oil there are several key features to consider. First, make sure you choose the best 510 thread vape pen battery so it is compatible with any 510 thread oil cartridge filled with thc or cbd oil.

What is the Best Vape Pen for Wax?

A gold Ooze Fusion wax pen, gold dab tool and yellow stash jar and held in a woman's hand outside. You can see her Dr. Marten boots with yellow laces below.

The term wax pen is often used interchangeably with vape pen which is not always accurate. Unlike a vape pen for oil carts, wax pens contain a coil and require the user to load their dab into the tank themselves.

What is the Best Vape Pen for Dry Herb?

A black Ooze Drought dry herb vaporizer is held in front of a bouquet of red tulips.

While vape pens are awesome for smoking concentrates and cartridges, they are not all compatible with dry herb. While most vape pens vaporize wax and oil, dry herb vaporizers specifically vaporize the cannabinoids in your flower by using air heat technology.

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