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All About the Ooze Digital Screen

All About the Ooze Digital Screen

Layne Alfred |

Chances are your favorite Ooze devices just got a high-tech upgrade! Our vape batteries are loved because they’re designed to prioritize potency and flavor without sacrificing portability. They were still missing something that would give you more control over your device, though. That’s why we added digital screens that display tons of information to our most popular vaping devices. Check out all the great features and benefits of these screens plus all the devices that now include them!


What the Ooze Digital Screen Tells You

1. User-Friendly Interface

A rainbow Ooze Novex 2 is turned on to show the digital screen interface


All our devices are designed to be easy to use, so there’s no need to complicate a digital screen. These displays provide accurate and important information about your device at a single glance so you can make informed decisions. This way, you eliminate any uncertainty you might have about connection, temperature and battery power. They’re displayed on the front of the vape and are backlit with clear digital numbers—there’s no need to click any buttons. By simplifying the “management tasks” associated with your vape experience, you’re guaranteed a much better smoke sesh!


2. Connection Detection

A rainbow Ooze Novex 2 is showing the Connection Detection feature on the screen, showing a connection failure

The connection detection feature on our digital screens provides real-time monitoring of the product and information on the device connection. It will instantly detect any connection issues that could be caused from residue buildup so you never have to wonder why your vape isn’t hitting the way it should. Not only does this ensure the safety of your vape, but makes your experience more consistent and reliable.


3. Temperature and Voltage Display

An Ooze Verge dry herb vape is set to 420 degrees F

Instead of just knowing if your vape’s selected voltage is low, medium or high, now you can see the exact temperature number right on the screen. The digital display will also show if the device is ready to use. This preserves the device’s performance and longevity by ensuring it’s not overheating, or not hot enough. You can also experiment with different temperatures easily to customize your vaping experience.


4. Battery Indicator

A girl puffing on a midnight sun Ooze Novex 2 with the screen showing the battery life.

This feature might be the most useful out of all of them: the battery indicator. It’s truly the worst when your vape battery unexpectedly dies on you—and of course it’s always when you need it most. With the battery percentage clearly shown right on the digital screen, you always know when you need to charge it to avoid an unforeseen interruption.


Ooze Devices that Feature Digital Screen

1. Smart Battery

Holding a midnight sun Ooze Smart Battery in front of a guitar fret

The new Smart battery is our upgraded version of the classic 650 stick vape pen. Not only does it include the new digital screen that shows battery percentage and voltage level, it comes with the smart USB charger that automatically stops charging the device when it’s full. This prevents overheating and ultimately extends the life of the device!


2. Novex 2

A rainbow Ooze Novex 2 is standing upright on a table, turned on

The Novex 2 is the handheld vape battery that holds your cartridge inside the device for added protection and discretion. This version of the Novex has an even lower voltage option for better flavor and assurance that the coil will never burn. Plus, it of course includes the digital screen with connection status, battery percentage and selected voltage.


3. Verge

Two Ooze Verge dry herb vapes are held next to each other, both turned on

If you prefer to vape flower instead of oil or wax, the Verge is your guy. Along with the informational digital screen, it uses our patented ceramic technology for the most powerful, cleanest tasting hits.


4. Drought

Hitting a green Ooze Drought dry herb vape that is turned on

Another fan-favorite dry herb vape we added the digital screen to is the Drought. This is our original vape battery for flower and has a 2-hour battery life and automatic shut-off so you always have it ready to go when you need a hit.


5. Flare

A girl in sunglasses holds up her Ooze Flare dry herb vape that is turned on.

Our most affordable option for vaping flower is the Flare, now equipped with the digital screen that displays the selected temperature and battery percentage.


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