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Do You Have Stoner’s Luck?

Do You Have Stoner’s Luck?

The Irish may be lucky this month, but cannabis keeps us lucky all year round, thanks to a little thing called ‘stoner’s luck.’ Okay, we may have just made that up, but isn’t luck just an illusion anyways? If we just focus on the good throughout our days, we’ll feel lucky! Plus, if you go into a situation expecting the best outcome, it’s probably more likely to happen (manifest it, bro).


Our beloved Mary Jane, green just like a four-leaf clover, makes us feel lucky any time of day. Experiencing stoner’s luck, however, feels like the cannabis gods are really smiling down on you. If you relate to any of the following scenarios, you are a recipient of stoner’s luck!


No cleanup necessary

A shot looking down at the floor. The Ooze after midnight Bowser Travel Pipe is on the floor facing up with a fully packed bowl. A white converse sneaker is at the bottom of the frame. On the edge of the white table is a small metal Mr. Pineapple Ooze rolling tray, a black Saturn grinder bottom piece, and a blue K. Haring lighter.

You drop a freshly-packed bowl on the floor, but remains tightly packed and in one piece. Can you imagine a better outcome? Instead of having to clean up broken glass and loose bud off the floor, you’re enjoying a nice smoke break and feeling lucky. You were meant to smoke that bowl today!


Double the snacks

A white hand is pressing the enter button on a vending machine to purchase a snack.

The munchies hit and you find a vending machine with your favorite bag of chips. You pay, punch in the number, and somehow two bags fall out instead of just the one you selected. Usually the one and only bag gets stuck. How’d you get so lucky? Must just be the green!


Surprise stash

A white female hand with dark nail polish is holding a green Ooze Saturn grinder open in her palm. The top purple teeth are shown, and the bottom chamber is full of ground dry herb.

You’re fresh out of bud, but you had a long day and are really craving a toke or two. You start looking through your old pieces and stash jars to try to scrape together some scraps. You locate your oldest grinder, open it up prepared to scrape some kief to add to your findings, and instead see it’s full of bud! It’s almost like your past self knew this day would come. Or maybe it’s just stoner’s luck.


Bud score

The Truweigh Blaze mini scale is on an ombre green and blue background. A cannabis nug is being weighed on the platform, weighing 1.12g. To the left there is a green Loud Lock pop top vial, and there is a King Palm wrap and packing stick in the bottom left corner.

You’re in between paychecks and don’t have much to spend, but you call up your trusty plug (or head to your favorite dispo) to grab an eighth. You hand over the money and head home, already happy as a clam. Upon weighing your nugs, you see that they threw in an extra 0.5g! Once again, you have been blessed by the cannabis gods with a bout of stoner luck.


Anyone can have stoner’s luck. It’s all about paying attention to the little moments like these and being grateful that the flipside of the situation didn’t happen. After all, if you look for luck, you’re sure to find it… cannabis just makes it a little clearer sometimes!

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