Why Did My Order Get Canceled?

Why Did My Order Get Canceled?

While it isn’t a common occurrence, every now and then our customer support team needs to cancel an order before it is fulfilled. There are only a few reasons this would happen, including inventory issues and shipping delays. Plus, COVID-19 has increased the frequency of these issues occurring. Canceling your order is definitely a last resort to us, but we don’t want you waiting around for a product that will never arrive. We’d rather get you your money back as soon as possible so you can place a new order!


Oops, we’re out of stock.

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The main reason for this is due to inventory issues, and we simply no longer have the item that you purchased in our warehouse. We try our hardest to keep our inventory up to date, but once in a while our warehouse guys will go to pick an order, and the shelf is empty. 


In this scenario, cancelling is our safest route to keep our customers satisfied. For example, if you ordered a green Slim Twist that ended up being out of stock, we wouldn’t just swap it for a different color. Obviously, you’d be a confused as to why you received a different color and may be a little upset! By cancelling, you can get all your money back and place a new order with a color we have in stock.


Thanks a lot, COVID.


Additionally, COVID-19 has played a role in inventory issues. Typically, we expect regular shipments that replenish our stock of popular items. But with increased shipping delays everywhere, we sometimes have to wait weeks for a regular Ooze shipment. Plus, without tracking details on many of our shipments, we have no way of knowing when it will be available for purchase again.


What do I do if my order was canceled?

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You’ll receive an email letting you know you’ll be receiving a refund for the order that we had to cancel, but if you ever have a question about why, please reach out to us directly! Just shoot us an email at support@oozelife.com and we’ll be happy to let you know the reason for the cancellation.


Again, we never want to cancel an order unless we know you won’t be getting what you originally wanted. We know it’s still disappointing when it happens though, so if your order ever gets canceled, reach out to our support team and we’ll provide you with a discount code. You can reorder from our site (a different product or color that is in stock), but this time you’ll pay a bit less for your trouble! 


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