How to Reach Out to Ooze Customer Support

How to Reach Out to Ooze Customer Support

Our customer support team is dedicated to making each customer’s experience with Ooze as seamless and positive as possible. If you run into issues during the ordering process or while you’re waiting for your order to be delivered, we’re always just a quick email away! Additionally, we’re happy to help with any questions or troubles with your Ooze product.

Getting in touch with our support team couldn't be easier. Simply send an email to! 

Since we want to get your problem solved as quickly as possible, we ask that you provide a few key pieces of information upon reaching out. This way we can easily locate your information in our system and get back to you promptly. Before sending that initial email, make sure you include each of the following so we can get a replacement item sent ASAP.


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1. Your order number


The most important piece of information we will need to help, regardless of the issue, is your order number. This will direct us right to your order so we can see the delivery status and any other details related to your order. 


The one caveat to this is if you’ve purchased your Ooze product from a smoke shop or physical retail location. We’re still able to help out with whatever issues you’re having, but you won’t need to supply us with an order number.  


2. Your name


Next, please include the name under your order. This helps us verify who we’re chatting with and that it is indeed the correct order we’re looking at. If you purchased your product from somewhere other than our site, just include your name that you’d like us to attach to your customer profile.

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3. Your email address


If you’ve purchased through our site, please include the email address associated with the order. Sometimes we get customers emailing us with a different email, or with the iCloud email connected to their phone, but it’s different than the “official” email that was included with the order. This could prevent our customer service team from finding you in the system or being able to verify your order.


4. Your specific issue or concern


Lastly, we want to know what the issue is upfront! Let us know what is going on right away so we can either help you troubleshoot, or get a head start on getting a replacement piece out to you. 


It’s important to us that you don’t miss a beat when something unexpected happens to your Ooze product or order. Our support team really cares and wants to keep you happy—and high! Follow this simple checklist when you reach out to us so we can address the entire situation right away.


Email our customer service support team at For more information on how to protect your purchase with maintenance and warranties, check out this blog.
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