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How to Clean Your Dab Rig

How to Clean Your Dab Rig

Layne Alfred |

The best way to clean your dab rig has always been a bit of a question mark for a lot us. The cleaning process in itself seem daunting, yet we all know how quickly wax and other impurities builds up inside the rig. We’re here to bust all the myths related to cleaning your rig and how to get a deep clean that will take your dabbing experience to the next level. First, let’s talk about how your rig gets dirty in the first place and why it’s so important to develop good cleaning habits.  


Why Should I Clean My Dab Rig?

Mold is gross.

A close-up shot of the dirty, moldy water chamber of an Ooze Stack Pipe.

Anytime water is involved, mold has an open invitation. Even if you empty the water and refill it every time you dab, there is still moisture inside the dab rig. Over time, fungi, yeast and other bacteria will grow, and the last thing you want to do is inhale any of that. Regular cleaning of your dab rig along with changing out the water each time will help you avoid mold.


It will taste better!

A white girl's hand with light green nails is holding a black Ooze Comet eNail that has a very dirty coil and water chamber.

If it’s been a while since you’ve cleaned your rig and it’s brown or even black on the inside, your hit probably tastes nasty. A deep clean to clear out all the old, burnt resin will greatly enhance the terpene flavors in your wax.  


How NOT to Clean Your Dab Rig at Home

1. Salt and Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol and a salt shaker have a big red X through the image.

Most people are familiar with rubbing alcohol and salt to clean their dab rigs. It’s surprising how many online searches actually still point to this method, some even suggesting harmful chemicals like bleach and acetone.

Avoid using any of these materials to clean any of your smoking devices—they leave toxic residue behind to be vaporized with your wax and inhaled. Not to mention, these chemicals are very harsh on even glass, and salt is too abrasive for any piece. It leaves tiny scratches that can fill with bacteria, which seals your piece's fate in being dirty forever. Save your dab rig and yourself by avoiding salt and alcohol to clean. 


2. Boiling Water

Another commonly used method that we DO NOT suggest is using boiling water to clean your dab rig. For one, it’s an enormous hassle and dangerous to be shaking boiling water inside glass. Secondly, boiling water and even just hot water can crack the glass due to the quick change in temperature. It’s not necessary, a huge mess, and could even end up breaking your rig.


The easiest way to clean your dab rig without harsh rock salt or isopropyl alcohol is with a chemical-free cleaning solution designed for dab rigs, like the Ooze Res Gel.  


Use Ooze Resolution Res Gel to Clean Your Rig

Ooze Res Gel is better at cleaning dab rigs than alcohol because it’s clay-based and super gentle yet powerful. It quickly dissolves sticky resin and other impurities without leaving any harmful residue behind. Plus, it’s reusable, so you know you’ll always have it on hand. No more excuses for not cleaning your rig!


How to Use Ooze Res Gel

1. Shake the pouch for 5 seconds to activate the natural clay-based materials.

A close-up shot of white female hands with orange nails pouring a pouch of Ooze Resolution Res Gel cleaner into an Ooze Toxic Barrel Quartz Mini Rig that has a green Res Cap plugging the downstem.

2. Pour the gel inside your dab rig so the entire inside is coated.

3. The solution won’t need to sit long, only a few seconds.

4. Pour the excess gel back into the pouch for next time, and let the piece sit for 1-20 minutes depending on how dirty it is.

A white female hand is using a small cleaning brush to clean inside the neck of the Ooze Toxic Barrel Quartz Mini Dab Rig.

5. Use a cleaning brush or pre-soaked Micro Swab to scrub any difficult spots and to get in all the nooks and crannies.

6. Rinse thoroughly with warm water, not hot.


    A white man's hand is placing a quartz banger into a pouch of Ooze Resolution Res Gel cleaner.

    To clean your dab rig banger, dab nail, carb cap and other sticky dab tools, place them directly into the gel pouch. Shake the bag around a bit and rinse with warm water.


    Pro Tips for Keeping Your Dab Rig Clean  

    1. Empty your water after each session to avoid mold and harmful bacteria.

    2. Clean your dab rig at least every couple weeks, and clean your banger even more than the entire rig. The banger will have much more resin on it, which will accumulate much faster. The flavor of your dab will be much more tasty with a clean banger!

    3. Use Ooze Resolution Micro Swabs for a quick clean up when you don’t need a deep clean just yet. These are also great for a quick swipe around your banger and wiping off the tips of your dabbers after each use. Micro Swabs are individually wrapped, so you can keep some on your coffee table, in your backpack, nightstand, and anywhere else you might enjoy a session.

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