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Introducing the Movez Wireless Speaker Vape

Introducing the Movez Wireless Speaker Vape

Jane Wagner |


When you’re getting your things together for a day with your friends, are your vape pen and your speaker two of the first things you grab? They certainly are for us, so we decided, why not combine the two to create the ultimate party piece!? And thus, the Ooze Movez Speaker Vape was born.

Pair Your Vape to Your Playlist

The Ooze Movez speaker vape is turned on and held next to an iPhone with the device pairing list pulled up. You can see MOVEZ in the list.

The Movez is your perfect pair for any adventure! Using the wireless speaker is a breeze; just hold down the center button until you hear three rising tones. Open up the device pairing list on your phone, and you should see MOVEZ available to connect. Once the two are paired, control the music on your phone. The speaker doesn’t get extremely loud, but has enough volume for a lowkey setting.

The speaker function of the device uses more energy than the vape function, so to conserve power, the Movez features an auto shut-off feature for the speaker. Once the playlist ends, or you forget to hit play, the speaker will shut itself off after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Drop Your Cartridge in and Go

A white woman's hand with red nails is holding an OozeX oil cartridge up to show the Ooze Movez magnet adapter screwed onto the bottom. The purple Movez is shown in the background.

Connecting a cartridge to the Movez uses the same process as our Duplex vaporizer. The Movez comes with two magnetic 510 thread adapters. Screw one onto the bottom of the cartridge and drop it into the chamber. You’ll know it connected properly if the LED lights flash blue.

The LED lights will flash red to indicate a connection issue, which are typically simple to fix. Sometimes the cartridge drops in on a slight angle, so pull it out and drop it straight in. If it’s still flashing red, check both connection points to see if there is any dirt or oil that has leaked out. A quick wipe with one of our Micro Swabs or a q-tip with alcohol will fix that right up.

Hit it to Rip it, Anytime

A girl is hitting her red Ooze Movez wireless speaker vape while wearing a jean jack and sunglasses with a red background.

While there is a button in the middle of the Movez, it’s only used to control the speaker function. The vape function can be used at anytime, and requires nothing other than an inhale! You don’t need to turn the speaker function on to take a hit. The vape function is always down to clown, it never shuts off and activates the moment you start to take a pull from your cartridge. As a vape, the Movez is incredibly simple. It has auto draw, and one steady temperature: 3.7V.

Activate the Party Lights

A person with long black hair is headbanging to their Ooze Movez wireless speaker vape outside in front of a blue and yellow wall.

The Movez delights the senses, and that includes sight! A ring of LED lights surrounds the center button, and is the device’s way of communicating with you as well as getting the party started. As we mentioned earlier, those lights will tell you if your cartridge is properly connected. The lights will also flash red when the battery drops to around 10% to let you know it’s about to die and needs some juice.

The single color flashes are all business, but the LED lights also have a feature that we call the party lights! While music is pumping through the speaker and while you’re taking a hit, the lights will cycle a rainbow around the button. The party lights are the perfect finishing touch to add some light to your nighttime sesh.

Four friends are using their Ooze Movez speaker vapes on an overpass.

Your Ooze pen is meant to add positive vibes to your day, and now you can literally add a soundtrack to your life, too. Isn’t it time to rip your vape and bust a Move(z)!?

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