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What Are Moon Rocks?

What Are Moon Rocks?

Layne Alfred |

Moon rocks: even the phrase sounds trippy, and that’s because they are. They feature a stellar combination of THC from flower, wax and kief, making them super potent. Think of them as the flower version of a dab—with moon rocks, you won’t want anything big planned before smoking. Do we have your attention? Thought so. Let’s take a closer look at what moon rocks are and why they’re so great.

What are moon rocks?

Preparing to make a moon rock. There is a small nug of weed, a syringe of oil, and line of keif layed out on a chrome tabletop. There is also a fully formed moon rock in the center.

Moon rocks are a solid nug of weed coated in wax or oil. But that’s not even where the madness stops. Then, the wax-coated nug is rolled in kief. Mind blown, right? Once complete, they should look like a yummy interstellar treat.

So, who do we have to thank for concocting the famous moon rock? Rumor has it that it all started at a dispensary in California, Starbudz760. From there, it was popularized by rapper Kurupt, who came out with his own version, Kurupt Moonrock (not the most original name, but I’m sure the affects spoke for themselves).

The original moon rock was made with Girl Scout Cookies nugs, but any strain works just the same. It’s really the potency and variety of cannabinoids that provides the unique moon rock experience. The layers of different types of cannabis create a supercharged nug that ends up to be around 50-52% THC. That’s 2-5 times stronger than virgin cannabis flower—so moon rocks may not be the best choice for a beginner.

How do I enjoy moon rocks?

Four Ooze Pipers are displayed together in a colorful scene. The floor is orange and walls are green and yellow. There is a black, green, rasta, and teal Piper displayed in different positions and are shown as either a hand pipe or a chillum with the spare accessories scattered around.

Moon rocks are often available for purchase at your local dispensary. They come in a variety of strains that provide whatever heavenly effects you’re looking for.

You can also whip up some moon rocks of your own. First, grab a solid, unground nug of your choice. Then, use a liquid cannabis oil or concentrate to saturate the nug. Use a dropper to cover the nug a couple times, allowing enough time for the oil to sink into the flower. Finally, roll the moist nug in kief collected from your grinder. Keep rolling it around until all the sticky parts of the flower are covered in that sweet THC sugar. It’s best to use tongs or gloves—it’ll definitely get a little messy.

Since your moon rock is a single solid shape, put it right in your one-hitter or bowl without grinding. Or, you can pick some pieces apart with your fingers to sprinkle on top of your regularly packed bowl!

Smaller glass pieces are best for moon rocks because they don’t tend to stay cherried for as long as ground weed. Additionally, glass works best for the sticky, tough texture of moon rocks. One hitters and small bowls will be your best bet for both these reasons. Plus, one hit might be more than enough to send you anyways.

If you’re looking for something to jazz up your smoke session, a moon rock is your round-trip ticket to outer space. As always when trying something new, start small and work your way up. Keep water and snacks nearby, kick back and get ready to blast off!

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