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A female hand holds the green Ooze Glyco freezable water pipe. The bong and bowl are frozen, and held up on a deck overlooking some woods, a bench and Lake Michigan.

Chill Out with the Ooze Glyco Freezable Water Pipe

A nice frosty glass piece is just what you need this holiday season. Our freezable water pipes and freezable bowls chill out your smoke session which is perfect next to a warm fire. We suggest bundling up in a nice cozy blanket, making hot cocoa, freshly baked weed cookies, and taking your glycerin glass out of the freezer. The contrast of the hot and cold is sure to make this your most luxurious smoke session yet! 

Ooze Glyco Water Pipe 

The Ooze Glyco is the first of its kind. Its made with one special ingredient, liquid glycerin. By adding liquid glycerin in to the bowl and base of the piece, the entire bong will get icy cold without ever actually freezing.  All you have to do is pop your Glyco in the freezer for an hour and it will come out chilled and stay that way for hours. We recommend placing your Glyco in the freezer WITHOUT any water in it, and to make sure it is standing upright. Now you don’t have to waste any ice cubes to get that chilled, silky smooth and gentle hit!

The green Ooze Glyco freezable water pipe sits on the end of a dock in Lake Michigan. The water is a steely blue gray, and the sky is cloudy.

When the smoke passes over the chilled glycerin, the smoke will condense and create a more powerful hit. Plus, hits from a typical pipe or bong are hot and sometimes ashy, causing a burning sensation in the throat and excessive coughing. When smoke passes over ice (or chilled glycerin in this case), it’s effectively cooled down to a comfortable temperature and will ultimately cause less irritation on the throat and lungs. 

Some of you out there might say you can achieve the same smoothness just by throwing some ice cubes in your water pipe (if it’s big enough to fit them in the first place). But ice cubes ultimately melt, increasing the water level in the piece. It may not seem like a big deal to feel a little moisture in your hit, but water vapor isn’t something you want to be inhaling into your lungs.

All 6 colors of the Ooze Glyco freezable bowls are placed in an ice tray in a freezer, with ice cubes mixed in.

The Glyco also comes with a glass bowl that is filled with glycerin to provide an extra layer of cooling and filtration. Plus, we offer our Glyco bowls on their own! This way you can pop them onto your silicone water pipe to instantly chill out your smoke sesh.

Ooze Cryo Hand Pipe

Looking for something a bit more portable? The Ooze Cryo is a small, compact, and freezable hand pipe that’s perfect if you're looking for a more affordable option that will still totally chill out your smoke sesh. The Ooze Cryo Glycerin Glass Bowl features a liquid glycerin-filled chamber that is designed cool down your smoke before it reaches your lips. The cryogenic effect of this bowl is a great way to elevate any smoke session. Plus, the flat mouthpiece make this pipe unique and comfortable to hit. 

Ooze Cryo hand pipes styled in a holiday sleigh in front of a tree

Both the Ooze Glyco and Ooze Cryo come in a ton of amazing colors that will impress anyone. Grab one as a gift, or for yourself. Its just what you need this holiday season!

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