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Best Vape Pen Accessories for Festivals and Events - The Oozelife Blog Ooze Vaporizer Lanyard Accessory Music Festival Concert Party

Best Vape Pen Accessories for Festivals and Events

Planning out your next festival? Attending an upcoming concert or event? Get easy access to your pen and stop digging around in your pocket or purse with our stylish new lanyard accessories!   

The Best Vape Pen Accessories for Festivals and Events - The Oozelife Blog Slim Twist Vaporizer Pen Accessory Lanyard Music Festival Electric Forest

By providing the easiest access possible to your necessities and keeping them securely around your neck, we think a lanyard is the best vape accessory to have for all of your upcoming festivals and events. We’ll let you be the judge of that.    

New Ooze Lanyards  

After specializing in high-quality vaping products for over a decade, we knew we needed more convenient and exciting accessories to support our industry-leading vision: to provide quality products and keep ahead of the pack. That’s why we created the new, convenient, and stylish Ooze Lanyards!    


The Ooze Lanyards are made of sturdy nylon fabric so you won’t have to worry about it breaking as you’re pushing past crowds, and with a swivel hook clasp, all of your stuff will stay safely around your neck no matter where you go. 

Take Ooze to Festivals and Events 

Festivals and events are places where people seem to be the most forgetful when it comes to their belongings, and with so many people and things happening in one place, who can blame them?  


We just don’t want that to be you, which is why we’re giving you the best vape pen accessory to take with you! 


All Ooze lanyards have a silicone ring that fits our Slim Twist Pens, as well as any standard size e-cig vape pens perfectly, so you never have to go searching for your next puff. Also equipped with a retractable string so you can pass it around (sharing is caring!), your vape pen will never leave your sight or your neck.        

Our Ooze Slim Twist Pens are sleek, lightweight vape pens that come in a variety of colors for everyone to enjoy. They are also compatible with all oil, concentrate, and essential oil cartridges with a 510 thread. Voltage settings range from 3.3V to 4.8V.     

Another great thing about our lanyard accessories? No more worrying about your vape pen overheating in your purse or your pocket! Just slide it into the silicone ring and wear it around your neck to keep it safe and secure. 

The Best Vape Pen Accessories for Festivals and Events - The Oozelife Blog Ooze Vaporizer Battery Lanyard Lanyards Music Festival

Whether you have an upcoming concert, festival, or event, our fun lanyard prints and colorful vape pens are sure to complement your outfit and look cool in the crowd. You can choose from three different eccentric lanyard prints like Universe, Monsterous and Sunburst, as well as 15 different Slim Twist Vape Pen colors, so you’ll definitely find something to match!  

The best part? You will never have to worry about losing your keys or vape pen again! Attend your next outing with ease, knowing your belongings are safe on an Ooze Lanyard. 

Not attending any festivals or events? Here are some additional awesome places you can use Ooze lanyards: hikes, walks, road-trips, fishing, camping and more!  

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