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International Women’s Day: Gift Ideas for Her

International Women’s Day: Gift Ideas for Her

Layne Alfred |

International Women’s Day, celebrated on March 8, is all about raising awareness of gender discrimination, but it’s also just a great way to show extra love to the women in your life. Instead of jewelry, flowers or some other cliché gift, get her something that will make her feel like a real queen. We’ve put together some of our favorite girl power products that any stoner chick is sure to adore!


1. Twilight Brink Bundle

The Twilight Bundle shows the blue and purple Ooze Brink dry herb vape with a black wristlet and enamel pin

Gift the Brink bundle for the flower-loving (not roses) lady in your life. The Brink dry herb vaporizer is our first sub-ohm flower vape, meaning you get full-bodied flavor and huge hits at even lower temperatures. It’s pocket-sized for total portability, and of course, the Twilight pastel blue and purple color makes it an adorable accessory. The Twilight bundle also includes a smell-proof wristlet to add to its discrete qualities, a funky Ooze enamel pin for the wristlet, and a poster and stickers for extra fun.


2. Sunshine Brink

A girl hits her sunshine pink yellow Ooze Brink dry herb vape

If you know she’ll love the Brink but doesn’t need the extra bells and whistles, you can get the vape battery on its own. We also love the Sunshine version, which is a pink and yellow ombre design—perfect for spring.


3. Rainbow Novex 2

A rainbow Ooze Novex 2 vape has a cartridge inserted, and is sitting on a black coffee table next to a plant

Our palm-sized 510-thread cartridge vape, that conceals and protects the fragile cartridge inside it, just got an upgrade. It now features an OLED screen that displays voltage, connection status and even the battery percentage. Gift the Rainbow Novex 2 to your girlfriend that has a well-loved original Novex and can use a new, upgraded version, or just one of your gal pals that will appreciate a high-tech (and cute!) way to vape.


4. Purple Smart Battery

A girl with black nails holds her purple Ooze Smart Battery with an OozeX 510 oil cart attached

The classic Ooze Smart Battery is an affordable gift for any festival-goers, campers, or anyone who vapes on the go. This one includes a USB charger but also features an additional USB-C charging port along with the regular USB port. It also has a screen that displays battery percentage and voltage, so they’ll always know when they have to charge it before they hit the trails or head out for the concert.   


5. Rainbow Duplex 2

A rainbow Ooze Duplex 2 vaporizer is sitting on a gray table with the base detached. An onyx atomizer is attached with an open jar of concentrate and an Ooze Hot Knife next to it

The upgraded version of the Duplex now offers three different ways to vape: your classic 510 thread oil cartridge, dabs loaded into the bucket, or the nectar tip to be used as a dab straw. The Duplex 2 is a great gift for any woman who loves oils and waxes just the same, and wants a no-fuss product that does it all. Plus, the rainbow oil-slick design is totally irresistible.


6. Ice Pink Bundle

A list showing the contents of the Ooze Ice Pink Bundle: a Tanker, Signal, Duplex Pro, Quad, and Movez speaker vape

Split up all the discounted products in this beautiful pink pearl bundle to give to each of your girl friends. This way you save lots of money on your Women’s Day gifts and everyone gets a matching pink vape! The bundle includes the Tanker, a heavy-duty cartridge vaporizer; the Signal, a wax vaporizer; the Duplex Pro, a palm-style battery for cartridges and dabs; the Quad, a vape pen with square edges so it never rolls away; and the Movez, a vape that doubles as a Bluetooth wireless speaker. Or, if you really want to wow one special woman in your life, gift the entire bundle so she’ll be set for any occasion.


7. Galaxy Purple Booster

A girl with a pink manicure holds her galaxy purple Ooze Booster vape next to a 100ct box of Micro Swabs

The Booster is one of our all-time favorite devices! It really caters to however you want to spend your time: you can take it on the go or settle into the couch for a more intense dab sesh. This fun purple-black gradient color is a little edgier and looks sick when paired with our purple Glyco freeze bong. If your girl loves dabs, you can't go wrong here! We recommend adding a 100ct box of Micro Swabs as the cherry on top of this gift.  


8. Cryo Glycerin Glass Bowl

Holding a pink Ooze Cryo freeze pipe up in front of a candy shop flag

Wrap up the pink Cryo bowl for the gal who loves to smoke flower. It’s more than just your typical bowl, besides being a beautiful pink color. Stick it in the freezer and the glycerin inside cools the smoke for a super smooth smoking session that never burns, allowing for bigger hits with more flavor.


This International Women’s Day, recognize the special women in your life and all that they do for you, whether it’s your best girlfriend, your mother, your favorite coworker, or your boo. Here at Ooze, we believe the best way to do that is to give her a way to get lit in total style. Check out all of our gifts for her!



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