Top 10 Ooze Products for Beginners

Top 10 Ooze Products for Beginners

As the stigma around cannabis decreases, there are many more newbies interested in getting started on their own. Those with insomnia, anxiety, depression and pain—daily stresses we all deal with—are turning to cannabis for relief.


While it’s great that there are so many options out there now for consuming cannabis, it can be overwhelming for beginners to get started on their own. That’s why we compiled the best products for those that are new to smoking and dabbing at home. These smoking tools and accessories are easy to use on the first try. Plus, with just a couple buttons or functions, if any, they’re not overly complicated and will get the job done right.


1. Twist Slim Pen 2.0

A white male hand holds a black Ooze Twist Slim Pen 2.0 in front of a white background.

Our #1 best-selling product, the Twist Slim Pen 2.0, is the easiest and most efficient way to vape cannabis oil. All you have to do is screw on your pre-filled cartridge to the slim, portable battery and boom, you’re ready to take a hit! You can increase the voltage (which increases the strength of your hit) by turning the dial on the bottom. But, since we recommend keeping it at the lowest setting, there’s no setup necessary for the Twist Slim Pen 2.0.

Works with: 510-thread oil cartridges and extract attachments


2. Pronto

A white female hand holds a rainbow Ooze Pronto electric nectar collector in front of a pink pastel background.

If dabbing with a rig and torch seems daunting to you, look no further than the Pronto. One button on this battery controls it all! Just dip the tip, which acts as a dab straw, directly into your jar of wax and take a puff. No need to handle sticky wax!

Works with: wax concentrates


3. Piper

A green Ooze Piper silicone hand pipe and chillum has a black lanyard attached and is resting on a wood surface.

The Piper is a great beginner’s piece for flower because it’s a hand pipe and a chillum all in one. By simply detaching one part of the Piper, you can alternate between the two functions, and with a silicone exterior, it’s virtually unbreakable. The versatility of the Piper also allows you to determine with style of pipe you prefer in general!

Works with: freshly ground bud


4. Kettle

A teal Ooze Kettle has the bowl inserted as a bong and is outside on a table next to a red lighter and blue and green glass piece.

We think the Kettle should be everyone’s first bong! It’s lightweight, handheld and so easy to use. Plus, with a silicone cover and suction cup on the bottom, it’s very difficult to break. Even part fouls wont knock this bong off of the table. Once you get comfortable with using it for flower, you can always swap out the bowl for a banger and dab with the Kettle!

Works with: flower or wax concentrates


5. Flare Dry Herb Vape

 A girl is packing the Ooze Flare dry herb vape for beginners. There's a blue filter over the photo and she's wearing a neon green slime mask.

Dry herb vaporizers are a cleaner way to enjoy raw cannabis flower, and are even more efficient that burning it in a bong or bowl. Your supply will go further and it’s gentler overall!

The Flare is our most affordable dry herb vape, and the best one on the market for under $75. This makes it a great way to ease into vaping flower, but it’s also super simple to use. Just pop the top off, load in your freshly ground nugs, tamp it down a bit with the straw mouthpiece, and pop the cap back on. From there, all it takes is turning it on (by clicking it 5 times) and using the +/- settings to adjust the temperature. Let it heat up for a few seconds and take a hit!


Works with: flower


6. Hot Knife

An Ooze Hot Knife attachment is on a white Quad battery and is loading extract into the banger of the Toxic Barrel Mini Rig.

Concentrates can be hard to handle, especially if you’re not used to loading them up into the banger. The Hot Knife makes taking a dab super easy by heating from within. This makes the wax slide right off the knife into the banger, or wherever you want it. It can even cut through hard shatter like butter.  

Works with: wax concentrates and shatter


7. Clean Team Bundle

 The Clean Team Bundle graphic shows the Ooze Resolution Gel cleaner, Wipes, and Res Caps with a bubble that says $20

If you’re going to be smoking or dabbing at home, you need to get together some essential cleaning products for your pieces. The Clean Team Bundle is the perfect starter kit for cleaning any and all smoking accessories! It includes:

  • Res Gel, which is a reusable cleaning solution that breaks down resin and mold in seconds
  • Res wipes, which are great for quick cleanups and swiping mouthpiece and banger/bowl after use
  • Silicone caps for plugging holes in rigs and bongs during cleaning so solution stays put inside the piece

Works with: smoking accessories of all materials, including glass and silicone


8. Smell Proof Crossbody

 A young white woman in a black sleeveless dress, yellow drip glasses and an Ooze bucket hat is sitting on a dock on a lake and is unzipping her gray Ooze smell proof crossbody bag.

It doesn’t take smoking weed long to realize how much the smell can really linger in the air and on your clothes. With this smell-proof crossbody bag, you can discreetly keep your supplies with you on the go without worrying about any smells escaping. Use it for class so you have your things ready afterwards, or when you’re traveling. There are even 2 low-key Ooze pen sleeves inside so they don’t get crushed by your other items.

Works with: anything! (no matter how loud the bud)


9. EZ Pipe

A white female hand is holding the light green Ooze EZ Pipe with a red lighter in the sleeve and the straw extended. 

The EZ Pipe is one of our OG products and is simple enough to be popular among all experience levels. And, since it barely even resembles a pipe, you’ll get that extra layer of discretion with this little gadget. To use the EZ Pipe, slide your lighter into the side pocket, pack the bowl and then inhale through the straw.

Works with: freshly ground bud


10. Stash Station

A green Ooze Stash Station is used to hold a variety of different cannabis accessories and tools. There are concentrates in one jar, cotton swabs, dab tools, and an Ooze Vault battery.


If you’re just starting out smoking or dabbing at home, start out on the right foot with a good way to organize your supplies. The Stash Station keeps your accessories together so you never lose one of these crucial pieces when it’s time for a hit. This silicone storage unit holds two jars of wax, several dab tools, and a lighter.

Works with: accessories for smokers and dabbers


Use these suggestions to build your own starter kit! These accessories are great options for beginners, but not because they’re boring. They’re fun, innovative and versatile, but are also fool-proof to use.

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